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Surface Tension and Adsorption of Surfactants

Oct. 19, 2020

Surface-Active Agents is the most important component of detergent cosmetics. The degreasing, decontamination, antistatic, softening, solubilization, emulsification and other functions of detergent cosmetics are mainly realized by surfactants. Surface tension is an important physical and chemical property of surfactant aqueous solutions, and there is a close internal relationship between surface tension and the above effects.

Surfactant solutions have low surface tension and interfacial tension. According to the principle of solid surface wetting, for a certain solid surface, the lower the surface tension of the liquid, the better the wetting performance. Moisturizing is the first step in the cleaning process. Only when the skin, hair, and dirt surfaces are moisturized, can further effects occur. In addition, the lower surface tension and interfacial tension are conducive to the emulsification and solubilization of oil stains, the removal of liquid oil stains, and the improvement of the washing effect.

Surface-Active Agents

Surface-Active Agents

If you consider the cleaning effect alone, conventional Anionic Surfactant are the best choice. Anionic surfactants generally have very low surface tension, very good wetting effect, plus good foaming power, emulsifying power, solubilizing power, and very strong degreasing and decontamination capabilities.

The adsorption properties of surfactants on the surface of skin, hair and dirt have an important influence on the washing effect. Due to the adsorption of Nonionic Surfactants, the various properties of the skin, hair and dirt surface are changed. Surfactant first wets the surface of the skin and hair, shrinks the oil film attached to the surface into droplets, and then the adsorption of the surfactant on the oil/water interface reduces the interfacial tension, which is beneficial to solubilize and emulsify the oil. Cleaned in water. The reduction of the interfacial tension is also conducive to the formation of emulsions with greater dispersion; at the same time, the interfacial film formed by interface adsorption generally has greater strength, which makes the formed emulsions have higher stability and are not easy to re-deposit. Surface of skin and hair. The interfacial adsorption of surfactants can have a beneficial effect on the cleaning effect of liquid dirt.

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